Logbook Features

Below is a brief overview of the main features found in Create Logbooks.

Simple Installation

Create Logbooks can be installed online or as part of an existing intranet or extranet. One intallation will give access to an entire facility via a web browser without installation on each seperate device.

Access Methods

Create Logbooks can be accessed via a computer or web enabled laptop, PDA or mobile/cell phone. Data is instantly accessible globally.

User Security

The system supports multiple user roles, each with their own seperate set of login details.

Multiple Logbooks

Logbooks can be created instantly using our powerful administration tools. Each logbook can then be assigned a set of equipment as well as suitable events.

Customisable Events

Our administration system allows for the creation of custom events at any time. The admin user is free to setup the required fields, choosing the data type, setting mandatory fields and also field validation all in real-time.

Quick & Easy Entry Logging

We've aimed to make logging in and entering data is fast and simple as logging data into a paper based system, the feedback we've recieved on Create Logbooks contunally praises its's ease of use.

Real-time Data Access

As soon as entries are logged they will appear in searches, allowing data to be instantly shared regardless of location.

Powerful Entry Search

Need to find historical data quickly? No problem. Searching is fast and easy, allowing the search criteria to be tailored to filter entries by date, logbook, equipment, events and employees.

Optional Features

We are continually expanding Create Logbooks to suit our clients requirements, optional features include multi-lingual support, real-time data graphing solutions and an advanced reporting interface.

Custom Features

We provide a custom logbook development service, if you have any additional requirements or requsts please contact us; we are always more than happy to accomodate them into the system.


Try our demo logbook software application

Please feel free to try out our online demonstration eLogbook application, without obligation. This demo system is an example of a maintenance logbook but we can customise the logbook software to suit your requirements.