Logbook Software

Traditional paper based logbooks are used extensively throughout various industries, and in some cases are a mandatory legal requirement.

However the use of paper logbooks does have a lot of drawbacks when it comes to sharing and securing information compared to a logbook software application.

Inaccessible Logbooks

Paper logbooks can be scattered far and wide throughout your facility, having all your logbooks in one location wide system improves data flow and allows real-time data to be available to every employee when they need it most.

Logbook Security

Paper logbooks are inherently insecure, entries can be forged and/or removed or even entire logbooks destroyed. Having all your logbooks stored in a centralised database allows only access to the correct people, data is automatically time stamped and can be securely backed up and held off-site to cover for all eventualities.

Searchable Entries

Finding an entry in a paper logbook can be an arduous task, not so with Create Logbooks as searches can be carried out quickly and effectively allowing you to find the data you need without delay.

Logbook Illegibility

Paper logbooks allow too much scope for poor handwriting and the addition of entries in a non-consistent manner. With Create Logbooks handwriting is no longer an issue and each event can be configured with mandatory fields which are validated prior to entry providing consistent and legible information at all times.

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To find out more about our logbook software features please contact us or try out our logbook demo to see for yourself how data flow can be improved throughout your organisation.


Try our demo logbook software application

Please feel free to try out our online demonstration eLogbook application, without obligation. This demo system is an example of a maintenance logbook but we can customise the logbook software to suit your requirements.