Create Logbooks - eLogbook Software

eLogbook is a multi-user, multi-purpose, enterprise grade electronic logbook intranet/web application, created by UK based software developers Create Solutions (UK) Ltd.

The logbook software is one of a new generation of web applications which allows you to log data anywhere you need to. You don't even need a networked computer as a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone can be used to access the logbook system in real-time from any location.

An additional benefit is that the elogbook software is completely server based, removing the need for installation on each device, improving security and streamlining backup procedures.

Please take a moment to discover how we enable our clients to empower their logbook data by increasing security, flexibility and information flow throughout their organisations.

You can also contact us with your data logging problems or try out our logbook demo to illustrate how we can help you achieve more from your data.


  • Logbook Software

    eLogbook can be securely accessed either on an intranet or over the web using desktop PCs, Macs, laptops, mobile phones and tablet devices. No installation is required on users devices.

  • Logbook Server

    eLogbook is server based using the secure, industry standard Windows Server operating system. Installation takes less than an hour for an entire organisation.

  • Multi-User

    eLogbook is a multi-user platform, allowing secure, real-time access to logbook information regardless of the users location or the device the user prefers.

  •    eLogbook App

    eLogbook is fully customisable and we also create bespoke logbook software. Similarly, we have the capability to build logbook apps for Apple, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Try our demo logbook software application

Please feel free to try out our online demonstration eLogbook application, without obligation. This demo system is an example of a maintenance logbook but we can customise the logbook software to suit your requirements.